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Marshfield, WI
(715) 384-4364

FAA Certified | Fully Insured | Locally Owned

We are experienced in professional low-altitude aerial drone photo and video using small remote controlled drones.


Our services are great for:

Apartments • Restaurants • Hotels Resorts • New Construction • Medical Real Estate • Events & Tourism
And More…

Aerial Videography

Aerial Video gives your audience a prespective like no other. You will find that your marketing, presentation or event coverage will have a higher engagement.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photos are not just a still image, they are an ever-lasting impression. Increase attention by showcasing a line of sight that isn’t seen from the ground up.

Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping gives you real-time imaging of the ground you work in, play on or harvest from. From flight planning to our  in-house printing services you will work with only our crew.

Post - Flight

Our services include more than flight. We have a full in-house creative team for marketing, creative development and video editing starting at $65 per hour.

As central Wisconsin Largest aerial drone photographer and videographer company, our number priority is safety.


  • 1 - Aerial Photo
  • 1 - 12x24" Print
  • -or- 1 - 8x12 w/ Frame


  • 3 - Aerial Photo
  • 1 - 12x24" Print
  • -or- 1 - 8x12 w/ Frame


  • 5 - Aerial Photo
  • 1 - 12x24" Print
  • -or- 1 - 8x12 w/ Frame


  • 12 - Aerial Photo
  • 2 - 12x24" Print
  • -or- 1 - 8x12 w/ Frame

Meet Our Crew

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Web Design

Bring higher interest to your web site with a new look. We will customize a website to suit your business needs and showcase your brand.

Branding / Graphic Design

Your brand is your message and also how you are percieved by your customers. With graphic design we will create a quality look to carry your message.

SEO / Marketing

Social media is growing and can be a vital way to bring value to your customers. We will help draw in customers with new design and strategic marketing.