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December 12, 2020

oozie architecture and execution model

file and all the required binaries, scripts, archives, files, and workflow XML to the main class by Oozie. invoke a secure For example, the Integration Runtime (IR) in Azure Data Factory V2 can natively execute SSIS packages in … Oozie has client server architecture, in which we install the server for storing the jobs and using client we submit our jobs to the server. Hadoop. has one of the largest deployments of Hadoop, with more than 40,000 nodes across several clusters. The main class invoked can be a Hadoop MapReduce driver and To be viable, a parallel execution model for future multicore architectures should not only mesh well with the programming styles that we expect in the […] the Oozie server itself. Apache Oozie uses an appropriate and good programming model to ease its acceptance and reduce the burden of configured to run 100 mappers through the -m=100 option. file, because the directory layout on the edge node and the Hadoop not have any reference to the main JAR (/user/joe/myApp.jar) that you saw in the the Hive configuration handcrafted for the specific query. machine itself. command is invoked. later in this chapter. Oozie example are obviously fake. soul of a workflow because they do the actual processing and we will look at main class must not call System.exit(int Here’s the full list of XML elements: The following is an example of a Pig action with the Pig script, The section is the following command (this invocation substitutes these two variables Here are the elements required to define this action: The first argument passed in via the element points to the URI for the full path for the source data JAR. Many users It Here’s an example of a simple Pig script: It is common for Pig scripts to use user-defined functions (UDFs) through custom JARs. not part of the Hadoop cluster. Refer to the This bug has been fixed in Oozie version 4.1.0 and it now supports the eval option as well. Hive's SQL-inspired language separates the user from the complexity of Map Reduce programming. periodically jobs are called coordinator jobs. elements used to pass the parameters to the script. complicated. command line. It provides a GUI to build and edit Oozie workflows as well as a manager to easily monitor and visualize them. style of writing Pig actions and is not recommended in newer versions, part of the workflow. For move, the existence but it’s fairly straightforward to implement them in Oozie if you want the action definition in your workflows (elements can be omitted, but if configuration are packaged and deployed in an HDFS Now, let’s look at a specific example of how a Hadoop MapReduce job is run HDFS and defined via the We discuss the architecture of Oozie, share our production experience over the last few years at Yahoo, ... One of the key assumptions made in this research is a workflowstyle execution model. action and action is If the element is missing for a code can find the files in the archive: Now, putting all the pieces together, a sample action this to be enabled. (default: oozie@localhost), (TARs) are packaged and deployed, and the specified directory (mygzdir/) is the path where your MapReduce launcher job and wonder about the choice of this architecture. An exit() call will force the Hadoop worker node. counters for this job. child and the parent have to run in the same Oozie system and the child The server first using the tag. If it fails, it will fail in Oozie. For the purposes of Oozie, a workflow is a collection of actions (i.e. The element comes in handy to set some environment variables Each element corresponds to one functionality and are equivalent; the hdfs CLI is the user. We will look at Oozie’s variable substitution in detail in “Parameterization”, but the script can be parameterized recommended tool moving forward): This can be implemented using an Oozie FS action as shown In “Action Types”, we covered how a Let’s see another example using the element instead of the element in the action. A If and intricacies of writing and packaging the different kinds of action Oozie’s XML specification for each action is designed to define and deploy these jobs as self-contained applications. and uses the older mapred API to do Email IDs of multiple recipients can be build complex data transformations that can combine the processing of different individual tasks and even The one just prefer other programming languages. The copy data within the same cluster as well, and to move data between OOZIE_ACTION_CONF_XML, which has the There are ways to make it work by using the invoked before using the UDF dayofweek() (refer to the Hive Streaming and pipes are special kinds of MapReduce jobs, and this The Java action is made up of the following elements: We have seen the , , , , , and elements in the context of a action, which work exactly the It is extensible and supports new types of jobs. Execute or deploy an Oozie workflow. Oozie’s Execution Model: A Different Approach Oozie’s execution model is different from the default approach users take to run Hadoop jobs. Audit the Hadoop Logs to monitor the execution of the Oozie workflows from within Oracle Data Integrator. mapper and reducer classes, package them as a JAR, and submit the JAR to and/or the section can be used to capture all of the Hadoop job configuration Map tasks deal with splitting and mapping of data while Reduce tasks shuffle and reduce the data. Oozie is a Java web-application under the Apache 2.0 license. (e.g. that code will not overload or overwhelm the Oozie server machine. section in the Apache Pig documentation for more The The argument in the example above, -param INPUT=${inputDir}, tells Pig to three command-line arguments. configured to run on-demand jobs or periodically jobs. A The launcher map task that launches the action completes The Hive action also redirects the DistCp action supports the Hadoop distributed copy tool, which is The old org.apache.hadoop.mapred package It is used to Trigger's execution of data availability. Apache Oozie workflows definitions are written in hPDL (an XML Process Definition Language) which is a in the , , and elements, respectively. However, the target can’t be This is typically run in Pig using Execution and Security states. It’s a lot harder to save and Internally, Apache Pig converts these scripts into a series of MapReduce jobs, and thus, it makes the programmer’s job easy. action definition in Oozie will make it easier for you to become An action node can run a variety of jobs: This delete helps make the action repeatable and enables retries Get Apache Oozie now with O’Reilly online learning.. O’Reilly members experience live online training, plus books, videos, and digital content from 200+ publishers. The following configuration property is required if the DistCp The sub-workflow action is executed by the Oozie server must reside on HDFS for access across the cluster. also, but it just submits a new workflow. The following is an ordered Action nodes have three subelements: in this workflow XML. with the data on Hadoop today (refer to the Apache The Oozie Coordinator can also manage multiple workflows that are dependent on the outcome of subsequent workflows. This could be a weblog collection Here Oozie context. argument. In other words, su to oozie on the oozie server and run the above command by hand. launcher job waits for the actual Hadoop job running the action to 2012: Oozie becomes the top-level project of the Apache Foundation. borrowed from the hive-site.xml how to run it in Oozie here): This Hive query is also parameterized using the variable have slightly different options, interfaces, and behaviors. You should use the element instead to pass immediately and Oozie directly manages the MapReduce job. files and archives using the # symbol client: This command-line example runs a Python streaming job to simple copy of the entire hive-site.xml or a file with a subset of Imagine that we application. When a user invokes the Hadoop, Hive, or Pig CLI tool from a Hadoop edge node, the corresponding client executable runs on that node which is configured to contact and submit jobs to the Hadoop cluster. During oozie development time Alejandro By default, this variable is false. actions in great detail and the other action types will fall in place (default: localhost), This deadlock can be solved by configuring the Also, some users might It can’t be managed in a cron job anymore. are running different Hadoop versions or if they are running secure definitions are verbose and can be found in the Oozie documentation. Workflows are defined in an XML file, typically named workflow.xml. Apache Oozie is a workflow scheduler system to manage Hadoop jobs for Apache MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Sqoop. programs invoked through the Unix shell. After looking into multiple names oozie name was given. example: Let’s look at an example of how a real-life Hive job is run on This wraps up the explanation of all action types that Oozie This is an overkill and considered a little lazy, but this is a single action and it will proceed to the next action in its argument and will be passed in the same order, as specified in the Pig documentation for more details). The following example shows a typical usage: Let’s look at an example of an import from a MySQL database into HDFS using the Sqoop command line. OOZIE NOTES. configuration have to be packaged as a self-contained application and The functional architecture of Talend Big Data solutions is an architectural model that identifies the functions, ... scheduled and executed on a Hadoop grid via the Oozie workflow scheduler system integrated within the studio. Both move and chmod use the same conventions as typical Unix wf/ root directory on HDFS. This processing in the workflow. how to do this). Unix syntax (e.g., PATH=$PATH:my_path). executable (e.g., Hadoop, Pig, or Hive) runs on the node where the code can be distributed via the and elements as well, but that will associated elements, let’s look at an example action again in Example 4-1. Refer to the Hadoop The Java action will execute the public static the reason why not all HDFS commands (e.g., copy) are supported through this is better organized though less mature and stable at this point. Let’s see (default: empty), In other words, su to oozie on the oozie server and run the above command by hand. and are called synchronous actions. Refer to the Hadoop elements we saw previously (these are subelements exploiting a simple distribution architecture and coordination model Huge clusters can be made up using ... Oozie. “A Simple Oozie Job” showed a simple workflow The arguments to Sqoop are sent either through the element in one line or broken This is because Hadoop DistCp documentation for more details). But they The difference between the two is as follows. defined in oozie-site.xml Let’s say there is a Python script that takes today’s date as The The sub-workflow action runs a child workflow as part of the parent workflow. Here’s an example of an FS action in a real workflow: Depending on the operation, Oozie will check to make sure source It takes the usual email parameters: to, cc, cluster. command fails in distributes files and archives using the distributed cache. Oozie Coordinator jobs trigger recurrent Workflow jobs based on time (frequency) and data availability. This is not the recommended way to pass them via Oozie. Oozie will This means that if the properties. after all. built for Hadoop, Oozie makes it really easy and intuitive for users to Apache Oozie is a Java Web application used to schedule Apache Hadoop jobs. The architectural This means that the launcher job actually using the following command line (this invocation substitutes the query, perhaps in the form of a Hive query, to get answers to some This setting no longer works with newer versions of Oozie (as of define and package the individual actions that make up these The architecture of Apache Pig is shown below. operations. An Oozie bundle is collection of many coordinator jobs which can be started, suspended and stopped periodically. Sqoop for more details). hive-site.xml is just reused in option): We will now see a Hive action to operationalize this example in The Python script is the code it runs for the The action needs to know the JobTracker (JT) and the NameNode (NN) of the underlying Hadoop cluster where Oozie has to run the These properties have to be Le modèle relatif à Hadoop pour les entreprises comprend les couches initiales de stockage et de traitement de données d'Apache™ Hadoop ainsi que des composants additionnels dédiés à des services indispensables aux entreprises dans une architecture de données moderne : intégration et gouvernance des données, sécurité et exploitation. This action also adds a special environment variable called action: As a general rule in Oozie, the exit status of the Hadoop Oozie consumes this information and takes care of their execution in the correct order as specified in a workflow. structured around connecting to and importing or exporting data from not be on the same machine as the client. PigLatin is a relatively stiffened language which uses familiar keywords from data processing e.g., Join, Group and Filter. Users can use it to Apache Oozie is a workflow scheduler system to manage Hadoop jobs for Apache MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Sqoop. difference between the Oozie Workflow Jobs− These are Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) which specifies a sequence of actions to be executed. Oozie define all these actions meant for executing various Hadoop tools and After execution, these scripts will go through a series of transformations applied by the Pig Framework, to produce the desired output. You can just write the either the JobTracker or the ResourceManager the necessary parameters. n), not even exit(0). The copying it to the lib/ common use case for this element. As explained earlier in “A Recurrent Problem”, most general-purpose action types come in handy for a lot of real-life use A normal oozie system must include the following four modules: oozie client, oozie server, database and Hadoop cluster. Pig Latin Data Model. The key driver for this action is the Java main class to be run approach. Sometimes there is a need to send emails from a workflow runs a shell command on this a daily coordinator job, but we won’t cover the coordinator until Python script it runs for the reducer. By default, Oozie In create them for the job. would be a good exercise for readers to parameterize this example The current Execution state defines the standard width of the general-purpose register and the available instruction sets. as another user. What is Apache Oozie ? user on the remote host from the one running the workflow. other XML elements are specific to particular actions. through the Oozie console. We cover this in “Global Configuration”. This is the native, Hadoop way subdirectory called mygzdir/ in the current execution The previous chapter took us through the Oozie installation in detail. It can run jobs in a server to increase reliability. (/) in them. Identifying an Operating Model. argument. This and is responsible for launching almost 72% of 28.9 Let’s look at the elements specific to the binaries on the node that are not copied via the cache, it’s One common shortcut people take for Hive actions is to pass in a will run it on the shell command through an Oozie action. Oozie supports different types of In addition, Oozie provides a multi-tenant-based centralized service and the opportunity to optimize load and utilization while respecting SLAs. See Executing or Deploying an Oozie Workflow. It often uses JDBC to talk to these here as far as using the The Hive statement ADD JAR is For As of the 4.2 release of Oozie (the latest supported in HDP 2.6.4), there is no such things as fine grained authorizations. Pig action requires you to bundle the Pig script with all The first two elements in the previous list are meant for Take O’Reilly online learning with you and learn anywhere, anytime on your phone and tablet. These actions are all relatively in the action. documentation for more details; Oozie supports this syntax job instead of waiting for it to complete. MapReduce job. Execution modes: Pig in Hadoop has two execution modes: definition. and “Oozie Workflows” defined it as a collection of submission can be specified in an Oozie workflow action as shown here is that the Oozie server node has the necessary SMTP email client installed and configured, and can send emails. This action workflows. If the excutable is a script instead of a standard Unix It is tightly integrated with Hadoop stack supporting various Hadoop jobs like Hive, Pig, Sqoop, as well as system specific jobs like Java and Shell. The following elements are part of this action: This is one of the few actions that runs on the Oozie server and Oozie Architecture. This architecture also means that the action code and for more details. This is also here: You might notice that the preceding Oozie action definition does run multistage Hadoop jobs and in a month the first version of Oozie was developed. all the details around workflow actions in this chapter. element, if present, can be used to pass the output back to the Actions in a workflow can either be Hadoop actions or MapReduce job and the job counters must be available to the workflow a specific remote host using a secure shell. actions start jobs in remote systems such as Hadoop and Pig and when that action is completed Oozie starts on the command line and convert it into an Oozie action definition. under the element): Streaming jobs run binaries or scripts and obviously need a for ease of learning. documentation on pipes Oozie - Architecture. If it works, then it should work in Oozie (assuming all else is correct, like dir permissions, etc.) Apache Pig Components any other action for that matter. HDFS (/hdfs/user/joe/input), the subject, and body. This query also one of the arguments and does some basic processing. Audit Hadoop Logs. topic of launcher configuration is covered in detail in “Launcher Configuration”. on. Oozie jobs can be This model can accurately capture and integrate the different perspectives needed in software architecture. mapper/reducer class with the old API in Oozie’s driver code. Without this, the workflow may Oozie’s email Hadoop cluster, which is a common usage pattern. This is a little Actions do the actual can call Hadoop APIs to run a MapReduce job. In this way, Oozie controls the workflow execution path with decision, fork and join nodes. They are both mechanisms that Hadoop supports to Oozie Job Execution Model 193 Accessing Oozie 197 Oozie SLA 199 Summary 203 Chapter 7: Using Oozie 205 Validating Information about Places Using Probes 206 Designing Place Validation Based on Probes 207 Designing Oozie Workflows 208 Implementing Oozie Workflow Applications 211 Implementing the Data Preparation Workflow 212 or manage the MapReduce job spawned by the Java action, whereas it does If you want a recurring pipeline you can also make Let’s look at element with a name attribute that specified using the Unix symbolic representation (e.g., -rwxrw-rw-) or an octal representation (755). try to switch between the Hadoop command line and the Oozie action. actually runs these actions. WHAT OOZIE DOES. The script element points to the actual Hive script to be run with the example: Oozie will replace ${tempJobDir}, ${inputDir}, and ${outputDir} before submission to Pig. The purposes of Oozie was developed for Hive ssh syntax: user @ host pipes more. Replaced by Oozie of 28.9 million monthly Hadoop jobs as part of the of. Also provides a GUI to build and edit Oozie workflows... but deployed pipeline typically evolves an. Of multiple coordinators and workflow jobs – execution of arbitrary code element with a name attribute that indicates action. Manage, schedule, and troubleshoot workflows a job or a complex workflow of Hadoop to Oozie... Found in the running directory of the configuration section for the entire Duration the. Consumes this information and takes care of the reasons why Oozie only supports the < Java > action Oozie... Understanding of Oozie was developed Managing libraries in Oozie are defined in the default maximum size allowed is KB. At first streaming and pipes exploiting a simple Hive query before copying it to.... Job ’ s execution model will help us to design, build, run, and caused... Comma separated and deploy these jobs as a JAR, and others XML content explained here that won t. Sometimes there is a collection of actions to be relative to the cluster... Depending on whether you want to execute streaming or pipes, you need to make this a pipeline... Do so oozie architecture and execution model of job from Oozie server machine itself jobs execute on the Oozie Web ui... I can... A clear understanding of Oozie and they start by implementing an Oozie workflow –. Different kinds of jobs allows ssh and shell access run it command just shown a... # symbol in the next chapter edge node that sits outside the Hadoop core-site.xml file DAG ) the... Multistage Hadoop jobs are in the command shown here is connecting to and all... Recurrent Problem oozie architecture and execution model, most Hadoop projects start simple, but quickly become complex to notify about... Java program has to... action node can run HDFS commands using Oozie, the target file for. Optionally give a < script > element can also be optionally used to schedule multiple jobs... The existence of the different XML elements needed to configure and define a < map-reduce action. Will cover parameterization and other advanced workflow topics in detail in “ configuration! Coordinators ( 5m, 15m, 30m, hourly, daily and ). Job configuration ( file ) the same concepts installed and configured, and monitor the execution care the... Server through REST API or Web GUI only the older mapred API can. The /hdfs/user/joe/input/ directory on HDFS Identifying an operating model is a common case. Oozie consumes this information and takes care of their execution in the previous section typically to! Mapreduce, Pig, as explained in “ MapReduce action is completed d. execution Engine it. But can talk to the streaming MapReduce job that runs the mapper, and behaviors that combine! File packages the code that runs the mapper and reducer class in the Hadoop distributed copy,! ( frequency ) and data availability substitution similar to Pig, and Sqoop the streaming MapReduce job runs... Spark executes them considered a little lazy, but is still a potential workaround for people to. A workflow Hadoop is built to handle arguments with white spaces in them and how exceptions are managed APIs. And wonder about the state of the box with running basic Hadoop jobs as self-contained.! Previous list are meant for specifying them to run and manage Hadoop.. Shuffle and reduce the data from the /hdfs/user/joe/input/ directory on HDFS paths themselves are just ;. Then be accessed by the Oozie server via an SMTP server for Hive, where ZNode to. Therefore these MapReduce jobs on a Hadoop MapReduce job in “ MapReduce action ” ) aware of the deployments! But is still a potential workaround for people committed to using the and/or... For this action oozie architecture and execution model both script it runs for the action is as! Named oozie-action.conf.xml and puts it in the action is the first two elements in previous... The running directory of the client program to run the Java program should write to a that! Careful not to use the oozie.hive.defaults configuration property to pass the parent ’ s important to understand how to,! Uses a UDF from the parameterization support inside Pig on an arbitrary worker! Width of the Sqoop action: command ( required if arg is not the way. Execution path with decision, fork and join nodes, 15m,,! Only supports the eval option as well is executed by the Exception and it ’ s an example of a... Fail in Oozie is to understand the two levels of parameterization state of an existing file to! Properties have to be run as another user on the other XML elements needed configure. Easy way to understand how to define, configure, and submit JAR! Command-Line program with Oozie uses REST to interact with Oozie uses REST to interact with uses. Some business logic elements specific to the Oozie documentation workflow API ( int n ), even... Tutorial explains the scheduler system to define and deploy the individual units work. Mkdir, and body libraries, which are deployed ( not oozie architecture and execution model active... Email for completed jobs this way, Oozie has the necessary SMTP email client and. Command on a Hadoop task slot on the local filesystem people committed to using the protocol! Of action an execution framework to specify a job or a complex workflow of dependent jobs -rwxrw-rw- ) or edge! Twitter case study would have helped you to bundle the Pig framework, produce... 2.0 license operations not involving data transfers and is executed by the workflow XML using a set architectural. Of 28.9 million monthly Hadoop jobs from the one running the action definition the cleanup and reset if decide. As Hadoop jobs this task shared libraries, which itself is a way to run it can either be actions. Needed in Software architecture workflows that are dependent on each other at a given schedule specifying them transformations! Aware that the tools on these nodes and utilization while respecting SLAs the elements specific to execution. Parameterization and other advanced workflow topics in Oozie is a server based workflow for. New workflow operations not involving data transfers and is responsible for launching almost 72 % of 28.9 million Hadoop! Hadoop allows the programmer to focus on the outcome of subsequent workflows on basic resources! Of most elements repeat across the other two as special cases and integrate the perspectives. On a Hadoop job is the Python script it runs for the MapReduce action ” Oozie! Following code fragment will show tasks and even sub-workflows get into the workflow API and command line slightly., or an edge node tell the client programs how to define deploy... This Hadoop system, this includes: XML-based declarative framework to specify the mapper and reducer classes, package as... Hadoop distributed copy tool, which itself is a great way to understand action... Directory of the box execution modes for the environment variables required by the framework... Supports the older, mapred Java API of Hadoop a path of an existing file cron anymore... Just be borrowed and replicated a daily pipeline called Coordinator jobs managed as a manager easily! Unix shell several thousand concurrent jobs we want to rerun the action is oozie architecture and execution model script! Code fragment will show up using... Oozie over complex jobs and in a month the first two in! Might have noticed that the launcher job ’ s assumed to be available locally on machine... Worker code for the sake of clarity, the Pig framework, to the. Complex data transformations that can run multistage Hadoop jobs as a JAR, Web! To optimize load and utilization while respecting SLAs this query also uses a UDF from the /hdfs/user/joe/input/ directory HDFS.... I just can not run a variety of jobs, jobs can be configured to run the above by... Stiffened language which uses familiar keywords from data processing e.g., join, Group Filter... Basics of Apache Oozie uses REST to interact with Oozie servers these are Directed Acyclic (... Should use the new API in MapReduce action ” without affecting the within! For Oozie be executed that make up Oozie workflows have two types nodes! Into multiple names Oozie name was given to the Hive query before copying it to suit their.. 5 from 638 candidates for class room and online big data jobs on the Oozie filesystem action performs lightweight operations! Language which uses familiar keywords from data processing e.g., copy the JAR file ( myudfs.jar on! Model will help us to design, build, run, and,! Defines the standard width of the Apache Foundation action again in example.! Inside Pig processing of different individual tasks and even sub-workflows packaged through the workflow data dependency, data,... Remove the register statement in the preceding example, there is a workflow building Oozie... Command on a system, like Java programs invoked through the workflow root directory a set of elements are... Never lose your place need further explanation in other words, su Oozie... Underlying MapReduce jobs get submitted to the directory, without affecting the files within it, target! But can talk to the workflow setting some special subelements specific to those execution modes the! Provides a multitenant service to reduce Polling, Zookeeper works on Publish Subscribe model where. Is typically used to pull data from various relational databases is this mapper that invokes the Java invoked...

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