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Behind The Scenes

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Behind The Scenes

Small business owners often wear a lot of hats. When it comes to a specialized position like website development, social media management, and marketing, it often makes more financial sense to hire a marketing agency versus hiring someone in-house.

When hiring just one individual, that person might have only web design experience or just video experience, while the team at TriMedia has experts in a wide range of areas. With a talented team of people in all areas of marketing, digital design, and multimedia production, TriMedia can help small business owners save money, time and frustration – all while maximizing results to guide that business to success!

Our professional staff customizes service packages to meet business needs to help take a little off a small business owner’s plate. Here on the site, we’ll be sharing a series of articles about our behind-the-scenes highlights of customer projects.

Recently local Granton business, Turn Pike Greenhouse, asked us to help them expand their digital presence and advertising for their season. Our team had the pleasure of working with Dustin and Brenda Schlinsog to bring their ideas and passion for their business to life.

Turn Pike Greenhouse

Turnpike Greenhouse has a lot to offer from spring through fall and our team has been able to help them showcase their products by building them a custom website and developing photography, video, and written content.

Dusty and Brenda knew they needed a website to help take their business to the next level. Our web designer helped them by creating a basic website and updating their Google listing to give their web presence a boost. Their customized website will grow as their business continues to develop.

Our experienced writers have shared the greenhouse offerings with a series of articles on local media. We craft carefully written articles to accurately promote business with tried and true interview techniques to gather the information from the business owners.  In July, we helped Turnpike Greenhouse celebrate 10 years of business with a feature article. Read more about them here. Additional articles about their Mum Pad and Family Fun event aided them to promote their fall offerings.


Our photographers and videographers captured high-quality, professional images of the greenhouse to provide the best visual representation for the business. Professional video editing makes a huge difference in the final product. The videos promoting the Mum Sale and the Family Fun event complemented the articles and social media content. A short video can actually require hours of recording and editing time, and we enjoy telling a story through video.

We do our best to put customers at ease and provide direction for filming…we have fun while doing it and there can at times be several takes to get it just right. Here is a short blooper reel of our time filming at Turnpike Greenhouse for your enjoyment.

If you need a helping hand to level up your business exposure, contact us for a consultation!