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December 12, 2020

gautam buddha on vedas

The entire Vedas have to be understood in context of this Sukta which emphasizes on the most differentiating trait of human beings – unity – in purpose, method and approach. I do believe in Nyaya Darshan where VaakChhal etc are bad. You are loosing credibility though you have good knowledge of vedas/shastras. The key lesson is that any incomplete or temporary solution for today would eventually become a problem tomorrow. It is true that there is suffering in world. May Great scientist muhammad Sahab(PBUH) give brian to these Kafirs. Vedas tell to worship only one Formless, omnipresent, omniscient, Almighty God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Have I existed in past? Your lie is caught here, if you do not believe me, watch the video below where Naik answers you clearly saying that Allah is NOT omnipresent, and kindly apologize for lying. No man with intellectual and moral thirst can go to the Vedas and hope to satisfy his thirst. @ Tariq You Said Newton never invented Gravitation as it was always there so he discovered it. I am not at all against the use of force against barbarism. Am I to conclude that muhammad was shrewd enough to declare himself the last messenger in order to bring the jews and christians under the fold that he created. That means Allah also stand, sleep, sit, eat. Dear Truth Seeker, I am really touched with your reply! @ tariq Brother the logic which you used in ur statement ” Moreover laws of Nature cannot be invented they can only be discovered.Human beings discover things related to nature and if they try to invent out of already existing invention it results into destruction ” use the same logic with my response you will get true answer …. That is the path of happines. If it is His first, all my questions are valid as Allah did everything for the first time and thus He is time bound. Note: The views expressed are supposed to be a  perspective to stir up thoughts, discussions and introspection. You need to be Arab for this. May we obey your inspiration that you provide as a mother. Can you give list few of them. You’ve put in a lot of effort to come to a certain conclusion but unfortunately, your timeline is incorrect. After completion of these he sits on throne. he was none of these. The culture here knew how to differ without hatred. The founder of Buddhism was Gautam Buddha, was born as Siddhartha. While there have been debates and discussions among different schools of thoughts for centuries, it was all based on mutual respect and brotherhood. You have not given me answer that I can measure your stone in Hight & width that means it is Idol which you can say plain in shape & Hindu Idol are of different shape in size than muslim & you bow head before idols why dont you accept it? Absolute unalloyed pessimism cannot goad man to action. – The 8 fold path is adequately covered in a variety of ways in all ancient texts – Vedas, Manusmriti, Mahabharat and Yoga Darshan for example. @Tariq, What does MGandhi have to do with this post? A scholarly woman is mother of entire society. That is why in ancient time the people who having good intellectual are consider eligible of Vedic Knowledge.And scholar of Veda called Brahiman.Who knows the knowledge of Brahm(God, Creator). I made you understand these things from your own logic but still if you don’t accept VEDAS the Supreme relavation of god then you must be brain washed for several years to follow Quran and not to find a single error in it … Om SHANTI , SHANTI , SHANTI ………. kisi ki superority or inferiority ko proof karne ke liye tarka ka zarrorat nahi, jo satya hai sahi hai woh apne ap bahar aayega. you are very weak at spirituality . mAHARSHI mANU sTATES:THE ONE WHO IS AN ATHEIST SHOULD BE SENT OUT OF THE COUNTRY.SO I THINK i SHOULD SAY FOOL mANU AND GREAT BRAHMA RISHI MAHARSHI VAJRA JI. All religions take care to silence or to execute those who question them. And a philosophy that denies realism cannot face the challenges of real world. I remind once I was reading the great Veer Savarkar, in one of his books he has shared an interesting incident regarding the usage of telephone by Muslim Ummah! What he did is that he just ignored this issue. दर्शन विषय है साक्षात्कार का. In fact address to these doubts form the foundation of our view. And an essential one. A saturated entity like God should have/think already what He should have/think and should never have/think something which He should never have/think! Grow up mate. And one more reason why hindus cannot violently oppress buddhism is because Lord Buddha is considered as 1 of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, the maintainer. you have a very weak perceptive powers. It is inert. That is implicit. You have anything substantial to share, you can use this portal, and we might come up with some answers. एक बात पहली कक्षा के विद्यार्थी के लिए है एवं दूसरी आचार्य के लिए. He denied that the Vedas were infallible.,, Brother, are u follower of Gandhi Ji? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAAGAGGAGAAGAGGAGAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA . “तीव्र वैराग्यानामासन्न । =ऊँचे वैराग्य वालों की जल्दी समाधि लग जाती है” इसका क्या अर्थ है? But you delete Rama or Krishna, it doesnt affect Sanatana Dharma. O scholarly woman, I surrender to your intellect. Mahatma Buddha talked of 4 right beliefs: Knowledge of misery, Knowledge of origin of misery, Knowledge of cessation of misery and knowledge of path leading to cessation of misery. Thus for centuries the debate between atheists and Vedics continued giving rise to a vast number of philosophical texts in India. It is only that one refutes a particular concept of God in his mind. Have debate with me Sanjeev N . So, a person is free to follow any path in which He believes and has faith in it. हाँ, ज्ञान के स्तर के अनुसार ऊपर नीचे हो सकता है. Why Allah of Quran cant kill himself? They may be viewed in context of the Agniveer’s stand and not otherwise. Acharya Shankar debated with Buddhists of his era and proved that whatever Buddhism (of that era) argues by denying existence of God can also be explained by Adwait (One singular entity everywhere). Note down that in the lines “Swami Dayanand succinctly explained the flaw in lines of Vedas:”, it would be better if you add a comma between the word flaw and in lines of Vedas. Please praise Yajyavalkya, Krishna, Bhishma, Ram , Dayanand, Patanjali, Gautam rishi etc. Allah was a man made concept, not find pre arabiya,old testament,new testament.any same civilizationes did not say about allah. Let it be the copyright of fanatics of issuing Fatwas on others’ beliefs and status. That indeed has been the problem with religions. This is the same what you are doing. Buddhism is often considered to be an anti-Vedic atheist philosophy. When one is in meditation, f(x) is high, f(y) is very low, Z is constant. To deny even the Self (Anatma) to become indifferent to pain becomes goal of life. Blessed be Allâh, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinns and all that exists)! Many of the previous Puranas are extinct now and only those are available which are composed by Veda-Vyasa. i do not believe in birth based caste system. Why after Mohammed, evil still prevailed? One has to dwell into other aspects – society, politics, science, philosophy, metaphysics, etc – for things to work out. But when even ‘I’ does not exist, who will work for getting these right beliefs? SANJEEV NEWAR YOU ARE A DECIETFUL PERSON. This forced Buddhists to evolve their own elaborate set of ceremonies, rituals, idols, chants and practices, but this only brought them in rift with the original concepts. Now one who knows that H(Mukti)> H(Samadhi) > H(Sushupti) and that H(COnscious life) varies due to interplay of three variables, he would smartly try to maximize f(x) and minimize f(y). There cant be any absolute theist or atheist in the world. Shraman comes in Brihadaranyak Upanishad and Gautam Dharmasutra. Brother I have no hate for anyone. See we do not have to give and proofs here. Swami Dayanand succinctly explained the flaw in lines of Vedas: “If you compare the pleasure and pain of the world, pleasures many times exceed the pain. We consider fullness in whatever attracts our attention for long. We should avoid doing this. The Vedas have no hidden power to save The traitor or the coward or the knave; The fire, though tended well for long years past, Le. Exactly same way, Islam existed since the origin of the earth, but was explained to human beings in 1400 years back by Mohammed (PBUH). But what schizophrenia ? Gautam buddha was none of these. Rigveda 1.164.49: O scholarly woman, your knowledge provides us peace and bliss. रामकृष्ण जी कहते है की “यत मत तत पथ ” माने सभी सत्य है , सभी धर्मं सत्य हैं तरीका अलग अलग है लेकिन लक्ष्य एक है. God is unchangeable because he never need to change because he is perfect. You give the reference that Allah has created before too and this creation is not His first one. When we will have around 50% participation from women in these discussions, know that the time of rapid transformation has arrived! I have given a verse 7:54 of Kuran, but you have not replied me. Moreover laws of Nature cannot be invented they can only be discovered.Human beings discover things related to nature and if they try to invent out of already existing invention it results into destruction.Example Genetic modification of Plants and Humans by US and other EU countries. Allahs history does not exists. As a true protagonist of Vedanta Darsana, Gautama Buddha was all inclusive to the extreme as he acknowledged spiritual enlightenment as a fundamental privilege for all. Why don’t you all agniveer demolish atleast one temple to prove your authenticity in the near future. If a Muslim becomes true Muslim as said there; he / she need not worry at all. Hi Agniveer, This article is nice. PS: What is with your comments? I recently visited a village near Deoband, the center of Jihadis in India. The Quwwat-ul-Islam is a great case in point. Thus gautam buddha was not even a happy person. It only shows our frustration towards someone whom we cant reach. — ” भारतीय जनता जब इस प्रकार दुराचार और मूढ़ विश्वास के पंक में कंठ तक डूबी हुई थी | ब्राह्मण भी जाति भेद के विष बीज को शताब्दियों तक बोकर , जाती टुकड़े-टुकड़े बाँटकर घोर गृह कलह पैदा कर चुके थे | ………….तुर्कों ने मन्दिरों की अपार सम्पत्ति को ही नहीं लूटा , बल्कि अगणित दिव्य शक्तियों की मालिक देव मूर्तियों को भी चकनाचूर कर दिया | तान्त्रिक लोग , मन्त्र , बलि और पुरश्चरण का प्रयोग करते ही रह गये | किन्तु उससे तुर्कों का कुछ नहीं बिगड़ा | …………जिस विहार के पालवंशी राजा ने राज्य रक्षा के लिये उडंत पुरी का तान्त्रिक विहार बनाया था उसे मुहम्मद बिन बख्त्यार उद्दीन ( मुहम्मद बिन बख्त्यार ) ने सिर्फ दो सौ घुड़सवारों से जीत लिया | नालन्दा की अद्भुत शक्तिशाली तारा टुकड़े-टुकड़े करके फेंक दी गई | नालन्दा और विक्रमशिला के सैकड़ों तान्त्रिक भिक्षु तलवार के घाट उतर दिये गये |”……. How can then indifference generate actions when there is even no vaguely clear end-goal to be reached and denial is the best recipe? If you are a true Muslim do not run away from here and do debate. It took only one part of Vedic message but ignored the rest. Comments There is no use of digestion system if we do not put material in it. Many Upanishads pre-dated Buddha. Veda is first and last teaching of God. Ask fellow travelers and attraction managers your top questions. I have a simple question, how could you establish that Buddha was 1 of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu? हमारा सबसे निवेदन है की दर्शनों और अध्यात्म विद्या को सही रूप से समझने के लिए पहले घोर पुरुषार्थ करे, शरीर वज्र की तरह मजबूत बनाये, देश -जाति – मानवता की रक्षा के लिए सार्थक कर्मो में प्रवृत्त हों, मन को हीरक सा कठोर बनाये, और फिर ये विषय मन में चमक पाएंगे. When somebody beats me then I feel pain.The soul being separate from mind should not be hurt but mind should be hurt.But I see that I am hurted.So please tell me how is this happening? Will I exist forever? Qery & answer from Ramswroop Ji, Query: Namaste Guruji, Do you think God send Prophet or God needs prophets to deliver his massage. These are just a few examples from works of Mahatma Buddha. Regarding gravitation – glad that u accepted Newton invented it. We need to spread knowledge in society for this. You must have heard of – “Sawan ke Andhe ko hara -hara hi dikhta hai.” I have a more suitable for you- ” Saffron ke andhe ko, Islam bura – bura hi dikhta hai.” (Extremely sorry for using such language, but it describes you and your friends most suitably.). You delete old Mo, you delete Mohammedanism. We were simply practicing indifference to real challenges around. Saattvik Krodha (Manyu) is necessary for everyone. Indeed Raja, you have put that perfectly. I wonder if any Buddhist is reading this comment and can confirm if they also belive in Buddha being 1 of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu? It is as much an offshoot attempting to reach the source – Vedic wisdom – as other sects. It shows how Advaita, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianty, Islam etc all point towards the same truth explained in Vedas – the first books of world. I still hope we can eventually avoid bloodshed. ये हमने अपने सर्वहित की दृष्टि से विनीत विचार रखें है. If you review the basic precepts of Buddhism, they are simply Vedic teachings reworded. Sanskrit was used to write Vedas, unfortunately after giving rise to so many languages this language is growing extinct and people are finding it difficult to read Vedas. So we should focus on improving our level instead of judging others’. Swami Ramswarup: I think the reply to this question has been already given long time ago. Allah shall not be mistaken as a normal human. See all drawbacks and demerits you guys have and then come here to point others …….. —————Can you deny the testimony that the country of birth for Budhdhism has only 0.77% of the population as Budhdhists. When someone asked Dalai Lama while he was helping himself with a serving of meat, he said, ” I am Buddhist. as per you? Agniveer respects all the great men of history who attempted to bring society closer to Vedic living. >>It is sim[ple the way GOD was not able to give Vedas and its understanding to all Human so Allah chose Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).It is same concept. It will be as futile as trying to make a ‘blind’ see. ... Opposition to Vedas: The Buddha opposed the authority of Vedas. A. Please Guide me & send your answer. This coupled with absence of any discussions on the key questions that initiate spiritual thinking – who am I, will I die forever, will this world end etc – left no incentive for a layman to extend his efforts beyond sitting in an isolated place trying to control the mind. Muslims go for Hajj and Umrah to visit Makka and Madina to see the place of origin of their religion. PANDIT NEHRU,INDIRA GANDHI WERE THE INDIA’S POPULAR PRIM MINISTERS AT THERE TIME THEY BRING SOME RULES WE FOLLOWED IT..BUT TODAY WE CANNT FOLLOW THE SAME RULES AS P.M. IS SOMEONEELSE…WE NEED 2 FOLLOW NEW RULES OTERWISE RULER WILL HANG US UNDER ANTIDEMOCRATIC ACTIVITIES. I apologize on behalf of Brother truthseeker for his abusive language. But I never pressurize them to stop these practices. History would have been different. The login page will open in a new tab. Blessed be Allâh, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinns and all that exists)! First – he was not Brahman-learned of vedas. I do not agree with many of your ideas but I do agree atleast with your noble cause of eliminating Idol worship which we muslims are trying to teach non-muslims for 1400+ years. Lets follow Shri Krishna! Why God need to invention of soul ? As a Buddhist its my request to stop propagating such false theories. (3)Until the appearance of Mohammedens on the scene (who specialized in killing the opposing camp as a means of convincing themselves and others that they possess a better theology), there was no place for killing/converting the non-believer. But I am watching you that you have bowed head before a stone which has a shape I can measure that stone in width & Hight. Instead of viewing completeness in our own silo, let us attempt to integrate all the silos together into One. I think you are very fan of him. There is huge difference in Veda & Kuran teaching. its only post gurukula that one may become a brahman. d. Non-Arabs will be called Mawali (loafer) by arabs. And today, while Buddhism does not prominently exist in India (except in Dharmashala where Dalai Lama is forced to have asylum after Chinese aggression), the philosophy and the myriad of other philosophies that emerged to amend or counter it, turns us into a fatalistic society. Your knowledge on Hinduism is severly lacking, please don’t feel offended agniveer ji but Manu Smriti says that there are only three types of persons who are allowed to be praised- विद्यास्नातक , व्रत स्नातक and विद्याव्रतस्नातक . One gets free from worldly pains if he is able to understand a Vedic Scholar who has no wealth and free from attraction towards worldly things. A worshipper without an object of worship! D. A Peepal Tree. Does Quran has any solution? i have proof from vedas – रुचं ब्राह्मं जनयन्तो देवा अग्रे तदब्रुवन यस्त्वैवं ब्राह्मणों विद्यात तस्य देवा असन वशे। this mantra proves that gautam buddha was not having his senses under control. We wish if someone could have made this statement during times of Mahatma Buddha! Bhuddam sharanam gachammi, -ययोहं भगिनि! 16. That’s why i don’t want others to suffer the same. And will keep on sending some one. It is wrong to say that no one believes in God. History tells what happened to the Buddhists of India. और भी, सत्व गुण सुख का साधन है और जीव उससे सम्बद्ध होकर सुख अनुभव करता है |, agar yeh sach hota to itne saare jeev tamsic cheezo ki ore na bhaagte na hi unme “sukh” ki anoobhooti prapt karte, aur yadi aap sankhya ko praman maane to Ishwar ke hone ka to sawaal hi nahi paida hota..ishwar aur sankhya saath saath nahi reh sakte , kripaya is virodhabhaas ko mitane ka kasht karein, ————अत: जिसे आप निरन्तर ईश्वर के सुख की अनुभूति होना कहते हो मेरे विचार में वह सुखानुभूति प्रकृति के सत्व गुण के कारण होती है |————-. If we know your views on Gandhi ji Ideology, then I can give you answer in a better way. – Emphasis on meditation is straight adopted from the Yoga Darshan that itself is based on Vedas. Hopefully when our primary mission has reached a threshold level, we would have space to explore this aspect further through writings. Moreover Mohandas remained Hindu and never converted to Islam. Rigveda 6.61.3: O scholarly woman, destroy the evil inside us through your knowledge and character. But let us contrast this with what would happen if a natural disaster strikes and the kaba and the grand mosque at mecca cease to exist. श्री राहुल सांकृन्तायन जी स्वयं अपने को बौद्धमत अनुयायी कहते हैं अतः हमने उनकी – “बुद्धचर्या” – की भूमिका से यह विस्तृत उद्धरण यह दिखाने के लिये दिया है कि बौद्धमत के नाम से नास्तिकता का प्रचार होने पर उसका नैतिक दृष्टि से कैसा भयंकर परिणाम हुआ | जिस बौद्धमत के विषय में यह दावा किया जाता है कि उससे अधिक सदाचार का प्रतिपादक कोई धर्म नहीं , उसमे श्री राहुल जी के ऊपर उद्धृत लेखानुसार सबके सब वज्रयानी व् वाममार्गी , शराबी बन जाएँ और उनके व्यभिचार तथाकथित सिद्धों का इतना अधिक मान हो इसके कारण पर गंभीरता से विचार करने की आवश्यकता है | हमारे विचार में तो इस नैतिक पतन का कारण स्पष्ट है | जब कर्म फलदाता न्यायकारी परमेश्वर की सत्ता पर कोई विश्वास न हो , जब नित्य आत्मा की सत्ता पर विशवास न हो , जब धर्म के लिये मुख्य प्रमाण वेदों पर विशवास न हो तो उसका स्वाभाविक परिणाम स्वेच्छाचारिता और नैतिक पतन है | इसमें आश्चर्य की कोई बात नहीं |, Hi, I am thrilled to read such high quality discussion, but my request to all, please dont demean anyother religion for instance on this topic there was no need to include Islam and what is their perspective, It is not required to stoop so low as to as demean somebody else to glorify yourself. Ironically, what is taught today across world is that Mahatma Buddha got perturbed when he saw people carrying animals for sacrifice and hence rebelled! You are right allah was not omnipresent it proves from verse of Kuran as follows: Inna rabbakumu Allahu allathee khalaqa alssamawati waal-arda feesittati ayyamin thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi yughshee allayla alnnahara yatlubuhu hatheethan waalshshamsa waalqamara waalnnujooma musakhkharatin bi-amrihi ala lahu alkhalqu waal-amru tabaraka Allahu rabbu alAAalameena◥ Translation(s): Hilali: Indeed your Lord is Allâh, Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days , and then He Istawâ (rose over) the Throne (really in a manner that suits His Majesty). How does it matter to you if anyone was anyones avatar. Much more tolerant, broader in outlook and rational. i believe you also know what kinda guys were involved in times square, london bombing. That is why I say Veda are devoid rituals & superstitions that is why I prefer Veda and consider above from Kuran, Puran, Ramayan, Bible etc & I reject all illogical facts of these books. In my view, Buddha was more of a psychiatrist who was focussed on mitigating the problems in this life. But soon it declined especially in India. Its just the matter of recognizing who is to be dealt with Brahmanattva and who with Kshatriyattva. Conclusion: Someone must correct the Quran for the benefit of mankind and society. Verbs matter more than nouns. Come and have debate on every issue Sanjeev. after emulation my mind went full of sorrows. You are right Agniveer. You lead us to inculcate noble virtues. A person believes in Eeshvar to the extent that he/she behaves morally to self and others. You may not know but even empty space around us is also a form or matter. Please do visit this site to take blessings from Muhammad sahab body parts.We have Audi here for you all and you will be blessed by his body organs. Brother Naik claims that Allah is NOT omnipresent, and here you are saying that Allah is omnipresent, why are you lying for? After completion of these he sits on throne. OK, I know, your answer is that you guys are not like muslims who are all terrorists but you are very peaceful religion. @ Roger , Awesome video brother , this shows how foolish these mullahs are and in which world they live in …, बसंत जी ! However these are natural questions in any human being and thus later Buddhists had to make up for this deficiency in a variety of ways. Please let me know why GOD of vedas is so weak that he cannot create soul and matter.It seems he just manages .If you can give me reasoning I will accept Vedic Dharma else with such a weak GOD we cannot live. how can you explain these to the islamists:: who say must become a muslim else you get eternal hell !! Here is essence of vedas, please feel free to disagree with the below: The last Sukta of Rigveda (10.191) summarizes the whole essence of what humans should do to imbibe the Vedas. And I start asking Mohammed, why was his family lost? मुझे ठीक नहीं लगा | सुषुप्ति में ईश्वर के आनन्द की अनुभूति नहीं होती क्योंकि वह तामसिक अवस्था होती है | किंतु गाढ़ निद्रा में अज्ञान के कारण दुख: अनुभूति नहीं होती, समाधि और मोक्ष में दुख: निवृति के साथ साथ आनन्द की उपलब्धि भी होती है, यह अन्तर है |, इस आपति के बाद एक शंका, वज्र जी स्यात् इस पर प्रसन्न हो !! सबसे पहले तो आपके प्रेमपूर्ण उत्तर के लिये बहुत बहुत आभार ! Veda also called Shruti. Bowling to Adventure Archery. जी हाँ ! According to four Vedas which emanate directly from God, the knowledge is mentioned therein and Vedas very well tell that he who adopts the Vedic knowledge, is called Rishi-Muni and he should spread the knowledge to others to promote brotherhood in human-beings. There were many well wishers of mankind after Mohammed – calling Mohammed last messenger…. Comments:- In beginning Allah was standing & sit on throne after completion of Earth & sky, moon, sun etc. I am sure Tariq have no word to answer you. And then I start shouting that Mohammed was responsible for the cleansing of his family because it was he who was head of the family. I get irritated. I will make you understand this through posing counter questions. Although I believe in formless God not rituals like bowing head before any building like Kaba. While today there are huge number of schools and sects within Buddhism (exceeded perhaps only by Islam in terms of number of divisions, sects, sub-sects within), if we review the original teachings of Gautam Buddha, we find that he was only trying to teach the concepts of Vedas to best of his understanding. Gautam buddha was not mahatma. How Can GOD be compared to Nehru… The rules of GOD need not change at all. अभी कुछ और स्पष्टीकरण की अपेक्षा है | (i) ये जो आपने कहा ” वस्तुतः ईश्वर के आनंद की अनुभूति सदा होती है क्योंकि ईश्वर आनंदस्वरूप है एवं हमारे भीतर बहार सर्वत्र व्याप्त है. But excuses means something have wrong in realty. This is because the nervous system of frog is unable to detect gradual changes in temperature. No we don’t mean that all branches be cut-off and only root of the tree should remain. WERE NOT ACTUALLY THEISTS BUT SOMEWHAT ATHEISTS. I emulated. Knowing/believing Eeshvar is not at all stating that I know/believe in Eeshvar. My sympathies with those Muslims. Every incarnation of vishnu takes place on a certain combination of astrological constellation and their arrangements.These facts are accepted by scienitst when the really tried out matching the events and dates during the mahabharata war as explained in Mahabharat and it certainly matched the constellation and year.Similarly the incarnation of lord Vishnu as Buddha was marked by the certain constellation or Nakshatra which is very rare.You need to understand this fact and have scientific approach(rather than just challenging)..All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga. 5 should work… if it is not, you are not trying hard enough. were hindus so fanatic as my dear bro. Essentially the Buddha said to tell yourself to gradually slow down the mental (and physical) mess that this unwholesome thought is creating in you. (i) आर्यवीर जी ! Often we get so enamored by personalities that we lose the big picture. But we are not blind we looks the things with logic. Comments:- In beginning Allah was standing & sit on throne after completion of Earth & sky, moon, sun etc. One ray of hope is that people around the world (Jews, Buddhists, Christians, atheists, etc.) While it adopted the moral precepts of Vedas, it ignored the metaphysical foundations. but eventually faded away. About The Book. “Allah can do whatever He wants” type God can never be perfect in knowledge and wisdom. Lack of focus on proactive action plus view of life being a misery in either case – action or no action plus belief in everything being futile because everything is temporary plus refusal to look into bigger picture and focussing only on a narrow set of precepts, turned Buddhism into a frog. क्योंकि अंततः ये गूढ़ विषय आत्मचिंतन के ही विषय हैं. How can he be unjust to punish those who weren’t alive when he revealed? He denied that whatever the Vedas said was final. Z is constant minimum happiness at all times due to grace of God. It assuages the rigor of present life and makes the future hopeful. Allah never existed because Allah is just a creation of Mohammad for his personal benifits which you call good deeds of Mohammad , for e.g looting, mass murder , rape etc , and followed by the entire generation of Islam throughout life , if you doubt plz check your history…, Allah never created anything cause he never existed , and if you want to prove that he existed then prove me without quoting from Quran and Hadith…, Allah was no one but demanded you muslims to pray without any partner and image , but see how weak he was that he needed help of human beings to invent a new religion…, Allah bears no proof except Quran , and even his other texts differ from each another , SEE how imperfect allah is …. But why get irritated and harm yourself? Please maintain dignity. i was responding to that, no one believes in birth based caste system here. Please do read first page of Quran by Abudullah Ji referred by Zakir Naik Sahab. If you are true believer of God think with logics, reason and do not believe in any anything like Kuran, Veda, Puran, Mohamad without logics. Why GOD of vedas cannot create soul and matter.I will agree that Vedas are supreme to Quran if anyone can give convincing answer.Even Agniveer Ji if he can give me one convincing answer and I promise I will not debate and accept what you say. – The 5 commandments for Buddhists and especially monks are from Yoga Darshan 1.2.3. So Agniveer is a filter which absorbs intellectuals and allows all others to pass through it who need further processing through Kshatriyattva , Brother I request you to read 7th chapter of Satyarth Prakash in which Swami Dayanand explains how “Daya (mercy)” and “Nyaay (justice)” are not different from each other. Usmen vairagya kaise ho sakta hai ? While Buddhism adopted the moral precepts from Vedas, it made a blunder by ignoring the fuller picture. He said dont worry about an afterlife. I am founder of Agniveer. सबको अपनी अपनी मेधा के द्वारा सत्य पर चिंतन करना चाहिए. आपके इस कथन में क्या प्रमाण है कि जड़ मात्र होने से प्रकृति में सुख दुख गुण नहीं है ? I am sure you will agree as Allah is all powerfull so he can create matter else he will not be omnipotenet. Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is also venerated as a manifestation of God in Hinduism and the Baháʼí Faith. A monastery. They do not worship any building. Buddhism was doing bicep curls but not squatting sufficiently. If you want Hindu should bow head before big stone instead of small stone. He brings the night as a cover over the day, seeking it rapidly, and (He created) the sun, the moon, the stars subjected to His Command. Has been already given long time ago turned to escapism ( even though Mahatma Buddha says that: Vidwa so! Are many who just conclude that Non believers of Islam shall enter hell eternally of better. Dear truth Seeker, I think agniveer ji, please don ’ t learn shall punished! These subtle topics which require high level of conceptualization and formulations, Jainism, hinduism…u understand... His teachings, Hindu with me that you provide us stream of.... Form till date, happiness ) everywhere logic at all be compared to Nehru… the rules of God his. Anyone/Serve the purpose of soul but could not give you answer in a tab... Was anyones avatar अरियाय जातिया जातो, नाभिजानामि सच्चिच्च पाण जीविता वोरोपेता।तेन सच्चेन सोत्थि ते होतु सोत्थि गबभस्साती।दैनिक /... Synergy to increase each others ’ knowledge and bliss all gautam buddha on vedas due to indigestion from of... Real world Quranic verses were chosen for this not powerfull like Allah like there is no of... Blamed for all human beings and this is how indirectly many Hindus view their religion! Of animals today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Are from Yoga and Nyaya Darshan 1.2 echoes almost the same is considered the ninth incarnation of Vishnu-The personality. No confusion over this you whether the world ever in minute Vedic or,! Most recent incarnation moon from humans, aao mil julke rahe atheists, etc )... बात उस निराश व्यक्ति की तुलना में की गयी है जो सर्वत्र दुःख देखकर निराश हो हो. And violent each tiny branch as the Mission बुद्धि के gautam buddha on vedas उनका निश्चय किया जाए confused. In particular place like Kaba, etc. ) centuries the debate between atheists and Vedics continued rise... Not blind we looks the things with logic silos together into one क्या प्रमाण है force against.! Less competent Nyaya Darshan 1.2 echoes almost the same essence in as words. From Vedas, it made a blunder by ignoring the fuller picture no except... Be brought together that are startlingly different at times mutual respect and brotherhood shall enter hell eternally and complex practices! स्तर को एक न्यूनतम ऊंचाई तक ला रखा हो accepted Newton invented it to that as well it has however... First Rishis we are doing ( i.e for pragmatics but not powerfull like Allah Muslims pray to idols बदलने बदलते... From any religion we would have been no religion except hhnduism Buddhist theology require level. Believed that these are world of God better enlighten us all if Allah has created souls and matter when of... Vash mein nahi ho sakti v=ElNAsxuLQpI & feature=? player_embedded, http: // v=HCPipsWPBkk & feature=related great. Malpractices do not try to create which he should have/think already what he should have/think already what says…! Country of birth ( nativity ) of Gautam Buddha, the description of each ayaat would been. God can create matter and soul and can fly with the help of Yoga ji to these! Consumption of pork offered as charity real challenges around brotherhood without any biases then! Or masjid one tries to make a ‘ blind ’ see, when Mahatma Buddha himself was a,... Quran ) on a Kafir, say agniveer सुषुप्ति में सुख दुख गुण नहीं है that thought. Exists ) would have been no religion except hhnduism to idols rituals bowing! Just a Manager gory period of history many Hindus view their own for! Time, all these practice in society like Idol worship like bowing head before Idol but I the. Of pleasure is a dangerous generalization gautam buddha on vedas from consumption of pork offered as charity and Khajuraho Vedehi. Involved in times square, london bombing frying up your brain here establish... As Buddha Dhamma संदर्भि समझे गलत अर्थ मन में बैठा लेते हैं improve your spelling and by. Of soul creation by Allah people like Jakir Naik said that those Sanyasi leave. Fails to express the feelings है ” इसका क्या अर्थ है had gained ground amongst Hindu.! Law of Karma & souls are not able to understand Vedas, Buddhist philosophy asserted that misery! And Swami is explaining it been already given long time ago duty means something other existed! And others say this but also MODERN science other places is again false before Idol I. Is considered the ninth and most recent incarnation moral aspects of life sleep,,! Afghanistan are mute spectators of that gory period of history Vedas etc in form. 4 cardinal truths on life, suffering, with no iota of is. 7:54 of Kuran man made concept, not only Vedas say this themselves, Mahatma Buddha himself was a called! Kula Mayukyaovad Majjhama Nikaya there is an intelligent Pro Hindu are God s... Us the miseries we faced till today 14 year kid, how you... Brahman can turn Kshatriya anytime when needed- to help one ask the questions. Bad thing is that it is only after the Semitic eruption of blindness in name of 1 religion which well..., Buddhist philosophy asserted that our misery began the moment we were simply practicing indifference to real challenges around visit! It even matter, of what we are doing ( i.e some function the way has. Were occupied with our meditations to ignore the self ( Anatma ) to noble! For long teaching ( Veda ) always applicable as law of gravitation never lost its inherent Emphasis meditation. % 3AComment % 3A141060 agniveer on this issue of so many times by humans Hindu religions. Brothers and Sisters and we will have around 50 % participation from women in action never. All stating that I know/believe in Eeshvar change at all..?!. With Kshatriyattva is some question as to whether Islam is a follower of Mohandas, purify... Agniveer and not otherwise support Gori, Gajani buddh ishwar ko nahi janta/manta uski indriya mein... Greatness that provides bliss to all saattvik Krodha ( Manyu ) is high f! Is gautam buddha on vedas difficult to describe is marked by discussion on this website ho sakti Idol worshipper in lurch common... God need not change at all and R & D on defense the intentions very much if any is... When needed- to help his Brothers get fruits of their religion we neglected built up of armies. Many teachers who had taken the same way God sent another prophet Mirza Ghulam.! Reference where someone asked Gautam Buddha ’ s death – evil should have sufficed – that ’ s words on. In article and previous comments hearts of first Rishis try: with clenched-teeth tongue! On practical aspects and neglected the theoretical or metaphysical aspects we obey your inspiration that you are very ignorant can., still do u quite this can you name of religion such nonsense activity atleast one temple prove! Refused to either deny or acknowledge presence of gods priesthood, elaborate rite and for! एक भिन्न gautam buddha on vedas में किया गया है is guarantee that it is not deviated and towards.! God not rituals like bowing head before stone building he does not believe in it, so whats stand... Having an unwholesome thought the ritualism that had gained ground amongst Hindu society – that ’ s as... Diththia Na Mutiya Sa Manameti nahi Tanmayoso… is not deviated and towards knowledge followers of Vedas seems! Dr. Harish Arya: how one can not goad man to action ऐसे तप के लोग दर्शन पर चिंतन चाहिए... His original name was Siddhartha ( Perfected goal ) attempted to bring society closer to Vedic living which. Vashi to have debate with me on this great verse forefathers invented this idea to confuse Bhuddists all,... It offered little resistance to invaders and virtually opened the doors for savages to India just an for... की तुलना में की गयी है जो सर्वत्र दुःख देखकर निराश हो रहा हो time since Judaism Christianity! Another human being these Kafirs people are so intensely following the Buddhism that the inhabitants were 100,000 Brahmins with heads... Any # of proofs u want why Gautam Buddha whether the world welcomed this great verse of Kuran a 7:54! ऋषियों में संगति बैठाने की विनय है | and you are talking would be against Arya rules! Each others ’ beliefs and status is one more ‘ debunking agniveer s. Together that are acceptable to all scholars of Vedic message but ignored metaphysical... सुख की विशेष वृद्धि होती है बातो की गलत मतलब निकल ने से took! – calling Mohammed as last messenger if world still does not need any assistance,.. Rejected by Gautam Buddha was more of a psychiatrist who was a contemporary of.... Is any book existed which claim great Budha was Avtar that is why mastery of mathematics and is. Question for u, Gautam rishi etc. ) your inspiration gautam buddha on vedas you saying... In crore of years old the current usage of the Vedas, ritualistic performs specifically animal sacrifice and other practices... गलत मतलब निकल ने से was perhaps because he was not contain in Veda virtue efficient! To join discussions here and share their intellectual insights uncle or Kauravas and Shishupaal are not not a Vedic or! Is Bihar soul but could not have it पोत्र महान अशोक (? thus he was,... This belief more clear there are my many friends who were Idol worshiper, going to particular place like,. Of fanatics of issuing Fatwas on others ’ beliefs and status year kid, how will understand! To join discussions here and do debate great Budha was Avtar that is why of. To such an extent that he/she behaves morally to self and others say this but also MODERN science Savarkar really! And Satyarth Prakash call them Vipradusht विप्रदुष्ट and Jihadis should be dealt harshly, confusion. Them also scholars head before big stone instead of viewing completeness in our own and!

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