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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

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Drone No, it’s a drone! Drone photography and video provides a unique perspective in a variety of industries and it is not a widely available service yet. Businesses can grab the attention of their audience with the imagery captured with a drone in their marketing materials and social media. Industries like property insurance and research are also using drones to safely and more economically assess properties or large areas of land.


From the beginning, our certified drone pilots have helped realtors, businesses, and government agencies with exclusive photos and videography. Realtors have showcased properties in a way that set them apart from others in the marketplace. Documenting construction projects serve both the business that will be housed in the new building and the companies that are skillfully building the structure from the ground up – promoting a new location and the services that our local trade businesses offer. Assisting government agencies to make their work easier as they serve our communities is an honor that we don’t take lightly. Our pilots at TriMedia have assisted in search and rescue, collaboration with local police, and storm aftermath. 

Recently, NOAA acknowledged our assistance in documenting damage from the 2017 tornado that tore through Chetek and northern Wisconsin. Our drone work aided researchers and helped them to establish that the twister is one of the longest on record for Wisconsin since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association ( NOAA) started storm tracking in 1950. Read the full report from NOAA. Our exclusive drone coverage spread across the internet as the devastation was revealed. Our original story can be read here.  Tragedy is not something that we take lightly. The stories of destruction or accidents is about documenting history and bringing the facts to the public that we serve and letting people know the information that may aid in calling others to gather as a village to assist those in their challenging times. 


Our drone pilots were also able to assist with a happy ending when our drone mapping technology was used to locate a dog that had been missing for several days in the McMillian Marsh with freezing temperatures overnight. Within hours of using the drone, searchers were able to locate the dog to be reunited with his family. Read the full story.


We are in an era that a picture says way more than a 1,000 words. Our drone pilots capture images that have a lot to say. How can we serve you?  


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