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Will 2020 Be Your Most Profitable Year?

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    Whether you have just started a business or have been in business for decades, creating growth can be difficult and requires a long game strategy. With the ever-shortening attention spans, it is key to continually be putting your business in front of peoples’ faces and being easy to find no matter what platform people are using to search for your products or services.

     One of our longest customers, Rae Baxter’s, has been in business for over forty years.  In the last few months Carol has had two of her best months in the last 30 years and this year will be her highest profit year in 42 years! How did we help her to reach these achievements?

     Over the past four years we have been working with Carol to rise to the top of the results when people search for fashion in Marshfield across multiple platforms. We have helped her to put the latest fashions in front of her customers’ faces every day with our social media management. TriMedia’s experienced staff curates photography, videography, and written composition to help Carol take full advantage of the internet for promoting her store.

     We at TriMedia pride ourselves in being pioneers of adapting to the continuing changes in search engine algorithms, social media platforms, and all of the other aspects of marketing. Contact us to see how we can help you have your most profitable year of business!